Teaming up with Artportable

A few months back I teamed up with Artportable! Artportable is an online meeting point for artists, art buyers and art enthusiasts. They build bridges between creators, business connections and make new possibilities for all art lovers.

Please do have a look at my portfolio here :

This is a great place to find your new wall piece, get new connections, or maybe display your own artwork? Whatever might be your purpose in the name of art – you will find it here – so go have a look 🙂

Exploring PS

So, I`ve had some weeks exploring photoshop, and I really have to say – this is a big world! My opinion so far is that people become very good in parts of this program – the parts they need to master in everyday life. Other parts of this program is left behind unexplored, because this is so very big and the options are just endless and limitless. Atm I am completely in love with all the new possibilitys and it almost feels like going to school again. If you just spend your time with this program, and watch the walkthroughs you can learn how to make collages, graphic illustrations, magical images and so much more. The only thing stopping you would be your own imagination.. So if you are leaning towards a more creative side of design/graphic art or any other form of digital design – Photoshop is absolutely highly recommended from me 🙂

Putting up 3 designs made in PS

Photoshop VS Lightroom

For the last couple of weeks I`ve felt that my editing has come to an end again. I feel that Lightroom is great for enhancing photos, and probably the best editing program if you are working with natural portraits and landscapes that are ment for exactly that – looking natural! But I am personally drawn to the unnatural.. I feel the urge to manipulate the photos into something new, something more artistic and magical than the real world. So I downloaded Photoshop! Immediately I realised that this was going to be a bit more advanced than LR, but Ohhmy what a New World..

The options are endless, and the creativity can be released. The connection bridge between the two programs allows you to send the photos back and forth until you are satisfied. You can apply layers on layers of new graded colors or patterns, or whatever you want, this will be great fun for sure! The first three pictures from this new tryout :

Entering the world of Ecommerce..

So its been a while since I updated the blogg, but Ive been busy working on converting the site to an Ecommerce site! Entering ecommerce and the world of online shopping is quite more advanced than just mastering the art of a former Procurement/Purchaser position, pluss a hobby as a online shopper speculant! Every single detail must be right, before the website can even be considered for openning for customers.. I thought this would be a 4-5 months job.. well, let me tell you - its not :) Unless you know what you are doing, and have some skills from building websites from before, and I have none at all! But its great fun, there`s loads of great plugins to use in this “New World”. I am learning new things by the day, and hopefully it will not be too long untill the shop is open for business! Another little detail that will be added to the shop – there will be a tab in the top menu for purchasing physical photos – printed on aluminium. These will be available for shipping, so stay tuned for more 🙂

Closing up on Winter Veil!

Christmas is coming, and I think it`s about time to wrap up and launch this page! It is allmost done, and the last bits and pieces is to put together payment options, and checkout solutions. I guess there will be startup problems, and alot of small issues and maybe things I have forgotten or pictures in the wrong places or other classics. I can live with that – it just feels a bit scary! I need to jump, and the only things that make you grow is the things that push you out of the comfy zone – right? So, for the last couple of weeks, I have been wrapping christmas gifts, decorating the tree, and shooting bookeh photos at home. Still, the Christmas mood ain`t coming to town this year.. everything is planned down to the smallest detail and in order, but no – nothing! I blame the Corona.. definately! Strangest year ever. But we will do our best for the children and the elder, to give them a cozy celebration – in a safe and orderly way! Merry Christmas to you all <3

Halloween and LR

Hallow`s end has passed, and the pandemic has also made this holiday pass silently! I feel really sorry for the kids, but it is necessary this year to keep everything down a notch. But still, there was pumpkins, spiders, sweets and spooky stuff everywhere, so a little bit of Halloween feeling might have sneeked upon them.

So for a while I have been using several different programs for editing my photos, but not really felt fully satisfied with any of them. Some of them are lacking options, and others are not advanced enough and based on “quick selfie edits” which is not my coup of tea! I have decided to switch to LR Classic. I think (and hope) this will give me more options regarding creative editing, presets and access to PS if I need it for pixel edits! Really looking forward to exploring the classic version, and hopefully this will be it – the one and only edit program I need. There is still some leaves and colors left on the trees outside now, before all the storms get them, so some last autumn shots to try out before winter`s light will be the next topic here.. First try in LR :

Fall Vacay and new equipment

For the past week me and my family have been away for a little vacay. We stayed at a nice holiday house at the sea out in the fjords. The weather was typically Norwegian autumn.. on and off with sun, rain, wind and the same all over again! We are used to ut, so no problem. The place was absolutely gorgeous at this time of year, so therefore I found plenty of good spots for shooting and staging pretty photos. We also got the opportunity to visit my inlaws big apple-garden and old cabin a bit further in on the island. Loads of apples and blackberries to be found there. It was like walking around in a childhood dream world.. this vacay will not be forgotten in a while, thats for sure. Back home now, editing shots from the trip and working on this page again. I have also ordered a tripod. Im planning on staging more shots at home in the time to come. Flatlays, tabledecorations, outdoor stagings and so on.. maybe also putting up a little studio for Christmas photos. Here`s some photos from my trip :

The Puzzle..

Ive been working on this site a little bit every day for the last week, and it feels a bit easier day by day now! Its like a big puzzle.. you can manage to sample together the corners, but it`s not always as easy to connect all the big pieces in the end. I have also used alot of my time walking around in the nearby forests to catch the changing season on camera. There has been several mornings with beautiful lights, and more and more colorful surroundings. I just love to se the seasons changing bit by bit, and capturing it on camera.. Then to bring it back home with me! Putting up a couple of my latest shots here.. bye for now.

What do you think? Please do comment below..

Welcome to MsKFoto

Well.. Yesterday, on the 1st of September 2020, I started this blogg. I have never done anything quite like this before, so it will for sure get to be a steep learning curve! A fast intruduction, I am a norwegian nature and landscape photographer. U might want to say that my photos are some what out of the box, but I love to play with light, water, colors and petals. I also love nature and it`s seasons. Structures and textures found naturally around us, often without us noticing it. So my main goal with this blogg will be to show you how much beauty there is to be found just outside your doorstep - if you only open your eyes and take a closer look.. and maybe add a little bit of imagination. I think that`s it for now. This page will take som time to build, and I hope to be up and running within some months.. Bye for now! ^^