Exploring PS

So, I`ve had some weeks exploring photoshop, and I really have to say – this is a big world! My opinion so far is that people become very good in parts of this program – the parts they need to master in everyday life. Other parts of this program is left behind unexplored, because this is so very big and the options are just endless and limitless. Atm I am completely in love with all the new possibilitys and it almost feels like going to school again. If you just spend your time with this program, and watch the walkthroughs you can learn how to make collages, graphic illustrations, magical images and so much more. The only thing stopping you would be your own imagination.. So if you are leaning towards a more creative side of design/graphic art or any other form of digital design – Photoshop is absolutely highly recommended from me 🙂

Putting up 3 designs made in PS

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