Photoshop VS Lightroom

For the last couple of weeks I`ve felt that my editing has come to an end again. I feel that Lightroom is great for enhancing photos, and probably the best editing program if you are working with natural portraits and landscapes that are ment for exactly that – looking natural! But I am personally drawn to the unnatural.. I feel the urge to manipulate the photos into something new, something more artistic and magical than the real world. So I downloaded Photoshop! Immediately I realised that this was going to be a bit more advanced than LR, but Ohhmy what a New World..

The options are endless, and the creativity can be released. The connection bridge between the two programs allows you to send the photos back and forth until you are satisfied. You can apply layers on layers of new graded colors or patterns, or whatever you want, this will be great fun for sure! The first three pictures from this new tryout :

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