Entering the world of Ecommerce..

So its been a while since I updated the blogg, but Ive been busy working on converting the site to an Ecommerce site! Entering ecommerce and the world of online shopping is quite more advanced than just mastering the art of a former Procurement/Purchaser position, pluss a hobby as a online shopper speculant! Every single detail must be right, before the website can even be considered for openning for customers.. I thought this would be a 4-5 months job.. well, let me tell you - its not :) Unless you know what you are doing, and have some skills from building websites from before, and I have none at all! But its great fun, there`s loads of great plugins to use in this “New World”. I am learning new things by the day, and hopefully it will not be too long untill the shop is open for business! Another little detail that will be added to the shop – there will be a tab in the top menu for purchasing physical photos – printed on aluminium. These will be available for shipping, so stay tuned for more 🙂

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