Closing up on Winter Veil!

Christmas is coming, and I think it`s about time to wrap up and launch this page! It is allmost done, and the last bits and pieces is to put together payment options, and checkout solutions. I guess there will be startup problems, and alot of small issues and maybe things I have forgotten or pictures in the wrong places or other classics. I can live with that – it just feels a bit scary! I need to jump, and the only things that make you grow is the things that push you out of the comfy zone – right? So, for the last couple of weeks, I have been wrapping christmas gifts, decorating the tree, and shooting bookeh photos at home. Still, the Christmas mood ain`t coming to town this year.. everything is planned down to the smallest detail and in order, but no – nothing! I blame the Corona.. definately! Strangest year ever. But we will do our best for the children and the elder, to give them a cozy celebration – in a safe and orderly way! Merry Christmas to you all <3

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