Halloween and LR

Hallow`s end has passed, and the pandemic has also made this holiday pass silently! I feel really sorry for the kids, but it is necessary this year to keep everything down a notch. But still, there was pumpkins, spiders, sweets and spooky stuff everywhere, so a little bit of Halloween feeling might have sneeked upon them.

So for a while I have been using several different programs for editing my photos, but not really felt fully satisfied with any of them. Some of them are lacking options, and others are not advanced enough and based on “quick selfie edits” which is not my coup of tea! I have decided to switch to LR Classic. I think (and hope) this will give me more options regarding creative editing, presets and access to PS if I need it for pixel edits! Really looking forward to exploring the classic version, and hopefully this will be it – the one and only edit program I need. There is still some leaves and colors left on the trees outside now, before all the storms get them, so some last autumn shots to try out before winter`s light will be the next topic here.. First try in LR :

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