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MskFoto is a gallery of background photos for download! This site is ment to be inspirational, seasonal and a little bit out of the box. I wish to show you that there can be beauty in the smallest things, just outside your doorstep. You just need to open your eyes and look close enough!

Nature is the best place to relax, and reconnect to your inner self. In these strange times, when people work from home alot more, I want to bring to you a little bit of my magical nature. All photos are available for purchase and download to your preferred workingstation. Mobilephone, tablet or desktop. I hope you enjoy, and feel free to follow this blogg for updates and new colorful photos!

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Exploring PS

So, I`ve had some weeks exploring photoshop, and I really have to say – this is a big world! My opinion so far is that people become very good in parts of this program – the parts they need to master in everyday life. Other parts of this program is left behind unexplored, because thisContinue reading “Exploring PS”

Photoshop VS Lightroom

For the last couple of weeks I`ve felt that my editing has come to an end again. I feel that Lightroom is great for enhancing photos, and probably the best editing program if you are working with natural portraits and landscapes that are ment for exactly that – looking natural! But I am personally drawnContinue reading “Photoshop VS Lightroom”


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If there is anything specific you have in mind, regarding textures, flowers or backgrounds that you do not find on this site, please do make contact and I will reply shortly!

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